Jul 28, 2011

cat hat day

Today I'm working on the cat hats...

Jul 27, 2011

working merino

I'm working on the winter collection baby hats. Pure merino, soft as rabbit tails and 'food for the heart' colors! Baby off's ears pricked, soon I will also update the collection of cat hats, the cutest new colors to come!

Jul 17, 2011

MondaysMilk on Babyccino Kids!!!

Today you can find my shop between the best boutiques online Babyccino Kids! Go check it out, lots & lots of the cutest shops, you'll be smitten!

Jul 15, 2011

Caspar's little circus

On to the next birthday! Hip hip hurray, Caspar turns 5 in September! It 'll be a CIRCUS themed party. So lets begin with some funny decoration I bought here... paper straws, I like them! As you can see.

Jul 13, 2011


My new favorite fabric is definitely Ruby Star Rising's Viewfinders. If only because it really runs out of my shop. Will I be able to keep a piece myself?

By the way, hello again, it's okay to be back from our absolutely great trip to France. Perhaps I'll place some pics later. At the moment I am a bit too bussy unpacking, cleaning, updating my mailbox, packing and sending orders. -x- Rozalinde

Jul 4, 2011

joie de vivre

I really wish this holiday lasted forever. The slow life, with only choices between good and fun, crochet and French magazines. This ladybug counts her blessings.