Jun 27, 2012


MondaysMilk - sies en sal - mustard
Kiko+ - wooden spinning top necklace

Are you already aware of our final sale? To make room for lot's and lot's of new stuff arriving in late summer, we threw a discount on many spectacular items of current collection. Think Kiko+, MondaysMilk, GG* and food fot the heart fabrics. Pick your chance on grabbing some goodies. Are you already provided? Perhaps you know someone looking for a special gift or a beautiful fabric, so spread the word! On top of that, I have a huge pile of beautiful scraps, I will send one with EVERY order (up until the last one). Be quick as good things run fast! Enjoy! -x- clean up Rozalinde

Jun 19, 2012

early SUMMER give away

Only a few more days to take a chance on winning our latest product the riik sac. All you have to do is like our facebook page. First day of July I'll announce a winner on facebook. Thanks for sharing (on facebook, blog, twitter) please do! Let me know, I'll double your chances! Good luck!

Jun 18, 2012

Babiekins issue 9

Yay, Babiekins issue 9 is out NOW! Sit down and enjoy. It's jaw dropping gorgeous!  Can't wait to see it go to print October 2012!
Check out our little ad in it *.*

Jun 5, 2012

pick of the day

Yey, my boulevard babies are pick of the day, today at Babyccino Kids! Thanks Esther & Courtney!

Jun 4, 2012

Doolittle - De vrais enfants

Doolittle, what is not to love about this quarterly magazine de vrais enfants?! I absolutely devour it 4 times a year. Every new issue I like more & more. Check it out, you should, really! The fashion is whimsically wild, it's got mouth watering recipes, funny cut out and play things and the lay out makes this bravado complete!
And hey, I see a little MondaysMilk add in there *.*