Dec 6, 2012


If it was for me only I'd decorate our Christmas tree with just lights and WOOD. These acorns fit so well into that picture! Not only they are durable, eco friendly, and beautifully hand painted. Above all they are multifunctional actually designed by KIKO+ as spinning top necklaces. The perfect little Christmas gift, don't you think? Can't wait to decorate our tree with 'a few'. They come in 3 color ranges: gold silver beech / pink gold beech / green silver beech

&DECEMBER being the month of GIVING, I'll add one set for free with every order in my shop over 100 Euros.

Dec 5, 2012

laatste kans

Bestellingen binnen Nederland die vandaag nog geplaatst worden zijn vrij van verzendkosten! Je hebt nog tot middernacht de tijd, daarna gaat de knop 'betalen' weer aan *.*

Dec 4, 2012

gratis verzending binnen NL

Vandaag en morgen rekenen wij GEEN VERZENKOSTEN op alle orders die binnen Nederland worden verzonden! Hup hup haast je naar de shop voor een winterse warmer, een bijzondere stof, of speel het slimmer en ga voor de SALE, dan maak je dubbele winst. Happy shopping!

Today and tomorrow FREE SHIPPING on all orders within the Netherlands! Hurry to the shop for a wintry warmer, a beautiful fabric, or be the smartest of all and go for a SALE item to double your profit. Happy shopping!

Nov 26, 2012


Saturday December 15th Iris Visje bij de thee and I will organize a winter home sales! The cutest little dollhouse of the Jordaan (centre of Amsterdam) will be packed, STUFFED, with Visje bij de thee & MondaysMilk goods. Think kids goodies, home decor, accessoires, fabrics and more. Do come over, we would more than love to WELCOME you. I'm sure you can combine your visit with another reason. Amsterdam itself I think is reason enough *.* Please contact me or Iris if you have any questions.

handmade gifts

I think the Holidays are the best, though busiest, times. Besides a lot of crocheting for my shop I really want to MAKE some presents for my kids. This is a little cape I finished yesterday. It's part of my daughters much desired princess dress to be. I'm curious, will you be crafting some gifts too?

Nov 12, 2012

getting colder

Check out our NEW hand socks! For you, your kid and the mister *.*

Nov 5, 2012


bobby - jean
bobby - honey
In the Netherlands we are blessed with no less than 2 holidays in the month of December. Next to Christmas we have our own tradition, Sinterklaas. This man should not be mistaken by Santa Claus, though they do have kind of the same job. What I love most about this festive is the evening habitude of all kids putting their shoe in front of the fireplace, in our home the duct meets fine, hoping Sinterklaas will gladden them the next morning with a small gift in it. Those small gifts have always been magical to me. Being a mom now means being an accomplice of the good old man Sinterklaas. November for me is dedicated to finding those small treasures, special enough to hit my kid's shoes.

I'm sure our new little bobby pins will put a smile on your girls face one morning tipping her shoe. And guess what, you'll get one set for free with each wildcat up to Christmas!!! Enjoy your holidays!

Nov 3, 2012


Our newest design WILDCATS! Made of the softest merino-alpaca blend! Who doesn't like to stay warm while dressing up? Ears pricked: Santa-Claus might have some in his bag, but be quick as good things run fast.

Oct 11, 2012

the cabinet of wonders

Today I'm bussy packing an order from an Italian boutique called l'armadio delle meraviglie, translated the cabinet of wonders! The name itself makes my heart leap, this must be something special! As the owner, Rosanna, told me it's a small but exclusive shop. I think it's so very cool that some of my dearest mondaysmilkies will be part of their collection. I feel blessed!

Oct 2, 2012


Visje bij de thee is founded by food stylist, blogger and true treasure hunter Iris. Yesterday she opened the doors to her online shop containing absolutely jaw-drop gorgeous goodies for the home hearted minds. Think Snowpuppe, Tas-ka, Studio MHL, Miga de Pan and I'm so proud to say MondaysMilk. Visit her shop & I'm sure you'll be welcomed by the sweetest hostess!  *photos by Frederieke van Dongen & Jeltje Janmaat.

Oct 1, 2012

my quilt a/w 2012

Our new nani IRO quilts are finally in shop. Lot's of new prints and by popular demand also available for single beds or as a runner on a double bed. Oh how I love winter cosiness! Tell me, which of the 7 prints would be a nice and warm addition to your home?

Sep 27, 2012

Skinny laMinx

New in shop, the ever so astonishing Skinny laMinx. So beautiful, it makes me still. Come over, be welcome to have a look.

Sep 10, 2012


Last Saturday the Yvestown fair took place. Boy, did we have a blast! It was an absolutely fine day, with lots of inspiring conversations, sunbeams and sales. I've met some great blogger-girls. My smile will last a long long time. Thanks Yvonne & Boris, you're the greatest!

Aug 15, 2012

new fabrics are IN

Melody Miller
nani IRO
Heather Ross
Melody Miller
nani IRO
Oh my dears! Our new fabrics have arrived. And trust me, each one of them is 'va va voom-ish' delightful! Last 2 days we've been working hard to add them all to the shop. There are also some nani IRO patterns and bias tapes you shouldn't miss out on. Please DO come in and take a peek, a closer look & fall in love.

Jul 13, 2012

♥ for Japan

My love for Japan will be no surprise regarding the origin of most items I sell in my shop. When I was a child my father visited Japan many times. Although we where used to having to miss him quite often, the 5 of us still cherish warm memories of his returns. Without exception he made us girls smile broadly opening his suitcase filled to the brim with lots of Japanese goods and above all the stories he could so magically tell. With deep respect for the people in Japan & with transcendant love for my dad on his eternal journey now I can do something in return through the HELP JAPAN 1000 BIRDS PROJECT set up by Makiko Hastings! Will you join me? -x- Rozalinde

Jul 10, 2012

fabric give away

Hop over to Leila's loveliest blog where the orchids grow, to enter our yummy fabric give away. When you're there be sure to also check out her great sundress tutorial! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 27, 2012


MondaysMilk - sies en sal - mustard
Kiko+ - wooden spinning top necklace

Are you already aware of our final sale? To make room for lot's and lot's of new stuff arriving in late summer, we threw a discount on many spectacular items of current collection. Think Kiko+, MondaysMilk, GG* and food fot the heart fabrics. Pick your chance on grabbing some goodies. Are you already provided? Perhaps you know someone looking for a special gift or a beautiful fabric, so spread the word! On top of that, I have a huge pile of beautiful scraps, I will send one with EVERY order (up until the last one). Be quick as good things run fast! Enjoy! -x- clean up Rozalinde

Jun 19, 2012

early SUMMER give away

Only a few more days to take a chance on winning our latest product the riik sac. All you have to do is like our facebook page. First day of July I'll announce a winner on facebook. Thanks for sharing (on facebook, blog, twitter) please do! Let me know, I'll double your chances! Good luck!

Jun 18, 2012

Babiekins issue 9

Yay, Babiekins issue 9 is out NOW! Sit down and enjoy. It's jaw dropping gorgeous!  Can't wait to see it go to print October 2012!
Check out our little ad in it *.*