Jun 29, 2011

miles of smiles

Best thing about a holiday is being together twenty four seven. Hadewig's birthday yesterday was great! She welcomed her presents with open arms and lots of smiles. Everything got a big hug, the doll, the school bus, the necklace and the beautiful drawing Caspar made her. After a brief visit at Petit Bateau [mama smiles], we'll spend the rest of today at the pool. Enjoying to the fullest! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 22, 2011

My Mister Mustache

Today I saw such a jolly DIY post at Daan's blog. I just had to make some of my own... Happily I found a moment between the acts of holiday preparations. Check it out and grab needle and thread I would say. Quickies but anyway fun, fun, fun! Thank you Daan!

Jun 21, 2011

one last treat

How nice that so many of you have used the 10 % discount code. For us it's a bit like the calm before the storm in reverse. I'll miss the shop during our break, although we all quite need some off-time. I hereby delay the stop signal!!! The discount code 1806201110 can be used until midnight today Tuesday-Wednesday (timezone GMT+2). Grab your final chances & run to the shop, my treat! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 20, 2011

late breakfast

As I treat myself to a late breakfast I day-dream about our upcoming holiday. Today will be a day of lists. To do, to buy, to pack... I seriously consider taking my sewing machine. I know the best ideas come during time-off. Perhaps just a sketchbook to draw stuff and make notes, I guess that's a better idea. There you go, the first dots on my 'to pack' 1. sketchbook 2. pen... I take a sip of the fresh mint and dream on...

Note: don't miss the 10% off!

Jun 19, 2011

10% discount

For those who had to miss the inside Summer Market - Bazaar yesterday and for those who just can't get that one particular fabric they didn't buy out of their minds, I herewith throw a unique code for a 10% discount on all fabrics and products in the webshop. Note: the code is valid until midnight this Monday (timezone GMT +2) as long as supplies last!!!

code: 1806201110


perfect day

Yesterday was great. I must be honest with you and say that I had hoped for more visitors in number. It must have been the stormy weather that decided otherwise. Those who did come really made it all right. I met such nice and inspiring girls. To share a passion is really what this day was all about. I was right with my previous post, the clouds couldn't hide the blue sky. I really enjoyed the day, your enthusiasm and purchases. Thank you Madelon, Susan, Sophie, Gerry, Rifka, Katinka, Merel, Iris and little Merel and the ones visiting anonymously, it was a pleasure having you, really hope to see you again! Caspar & Hadewig, thanks for being such sweetie pies! Mama, Jeroen, thanks for your support! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 18, 2011

blue skies

At about 8 this morning I looked up from our kitchen window and grinned at the clouds that seemed to be unable to hide the blue sky.

I provided our kids with the fresh smoothies I made for todays visitors.

Checked the small bazaar for one last time...

... and another

... and another

... and then it was time for the marbles to roll.

Jun 17, 2011

see you tomorrow

I really hope to see you tomorrow, despite the rain. Bolts and bolts of the most beautiful fabrics & my own designs are waiting for you. I'm sure you'll be smitten! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 16, 2011

birthday preparations

bikini bottom doll
patchwork quilt doll
bubble blower
patchwork quilt doll in nani IRO
Preparations for my little girl's birthday are in full swing! Because it will take place during our upcoming trip to France, her gifts all involve the theme of this holiday, starring her new to get doll I mentioned earlier. The bubble blower smells like candy, you can get it at this great shop here.

Do any of you know where I can find a plain pink (preferably salmon) cardboard suitcase? You know, those well known suitcases for kids?

Market becomes Bazaar

Frankly I have my doubts if I should let the Summer Market take place next Saturday. I fear the weather will not be to confortable for a walk along the market stalls. Sadly one predicts not just a little drizzle. I'm so sorry!

No doubt the shop will be open for you. We'll have to do without the comfort of the sun and the cheerful entourage I had in mind. But inside you're dry and more than welcome. Still look forward to welcoming you!!! -x- Rozalinde

PS: The real deal Summer Market will surely take place later this summer. I'll keep you posted.

Jun 13, 2011

tidy up & recycle

Between the acts I couldn't resist to tackle my office. Entirely devoted to recycling I made some labels of waste paper, I love pastel colors.

Of some cut in half empty milk bottles and scraps I made containers to organize my stuff in, I love milk &fabrics ;-) What do you think of the result? 

Jun 11, 2011

to do

It's a pretty full but long weekend. All nice things, preparing for the open shop next Saturday, translating my webshop into English and sewing and crocheting for Hadewig's upcoming birthday. I bought a doll kit here, which comes with some really nice patterns. The doll coat I just finished, it's in my favorite nani IRO, Japanese Fuccra. Thinking up and making gifts for my little girl is the best!!! I'll keep you posted. Have a nice and long Pentecost! -x- Rozalinde

Jun 7, 2011

yellow at bloesem kids

What a nice surprise! This morning I found one of my stuffed animals, the anteater arno ant on bloesem kids, yeah! Thanks for liking my yellow Irene!

Jun 6, 2011

picking flowers

Busy days here at our home. Making preparations for the Summer Market and Hadewigs birthday. Not to mention our upcoming vacation. Feels like there are fewer hours in one day. Above that orders need to be packed and packages need to be send. Lucky us we always manage to find time for a picnic in the park.

Jun 1, 2011


Some time ago I did a small project, redecorating a guestroom in a beautiful house right by the sea. To Caspar & Hadewig a room with a view indeed! They stared into the wide sea for so long, they almost turned into little fishes themselves. Today I make a start on redecorating our own home. I think the new fabrics deserve a place here too. Some matresses like these would do great in different fabrics. I like their multipurposeness & my kids do too.

By the way feel free to copy my Summer Market poster linking to the invitation. I can sure use a little publicity. Let me know if you do, I've planned a number of beautiful fat quarters which may fly out...