Jun 16, 2011

Market becomes Bazaar

Frankly I have my doubts if I should let the Summer Market take place next Saturday. I fear the weather will not be to confortable for a walk along the market stalls. Sadly one predicts not just a little drizzle. I'm so sorry!

No doubt the shop will be open for you. We'll have to do without the comfort of the sun and the cheerful entourage I had in mind. But inside you're dry and more than welcome. Still look forward to welcoming you!!! -x- Rozalinde

PS: The real deal Summer Market will surely take place later this summer. I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Roos,

    Echt jammer dat het zo regenachtig is!Maar binnen de stoffen bewonderen is een goed alternatief!
    En als het lekker zonnig is nog een markt, klinkt top!!! Tot Morgen!!!
    Lfs Mad