Nov 5, 2012


bobby - jean
bobby - honey
In the Netherlands we are blessed with no less than 2 holidays in the month of December. Next to Christmas we have our own tradition, Sinterklaas. This man should not be mistaken by Santa Claus, though they do have kind of the same job. What I love most about this festive is the evening habitude of all kids putting their shoe in front of the fireplace, in our home the duct meets fine, hoping Sinterklaas will gladden them the next morning with a small gift in it. Those small gifts have always been magical to me. Being a mom now means being an accomplice of the good old man Sinterklaas. November for me is dedicated to finding those small treasures, special enough to hit my kid's shoes.

I'm sure our new little bobby pins will put a smile on your girls face one morning tipping her shoe. And guess what, you'll get one set for free with each wildcat up to Christmas!!! Enjoy your holidays!

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