Jun 27, 2012


MondaysMilk - sies en sal - mustard
Kiko+ - wooden spinning top necklace

Are you already aware of our final sale? To make room for lot's and lot's of new stuff arriving in late summer, we threw a discount on many spectacular items of current collection. Think Kiko+, MondaysMilk, GG* and food fot the heart fabrics. Pick your chance on grabbing some goodies. Are you already provided? Perhaps you know someone looking for a special gift or a beautiful fabric, so spread the word! On top of that, I have a huge pile of beautiful scraps, I will send one with EVERY order (up until the last one). Be quick as good things run fast! Enjoy! -x- clean up Rozalinde

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  1. Die tas is gaaf zeg. Maar ik mag eigenlijk geen tassen meer kopen..