May 5, 2011

MondaysMilk on Kickcan & Conkers!!!

Today started well! A great post on my label appeared on one of my absolute favorite - Kickcan and Conkers!!! Take a look and a chance to win a pair of soft pals.

MondaysMilk & Fabrics' Soft Toy Giveaway

I'd like you to meet Riik, what a stunner with his stripes so bold and blue,
He's also very shy, yes, a wallflower you might say,
Won't say a word unless he really has to,
Bows his head, mumbles and turns away.

Arno, on the other hand, has lines, well, up and down,
A beady eye, young Arno, a nice smile to boot,
But a chatterbox, a busybody-fusspot, who makes R frown
Then laugh -  He can be quite a hoot!


  1. Ik zag het! En natuurlijk doe ik mee. Zo leuk!

  2. Heel guitig!

    Een gezellig weekend x

  3. Wat zijn ze mooi... He bah, heb ik die giveaway gewoon gemist! ;) Maar weer toevoegen aan mijn eindeloze wish list!