Aug 8, 2011

thrifty days

It's been rather quiet on my part. This holiday running to it's end makes us all a bit melancholic. Also we try to make the most of the days that are left. Jeroen and I enjoyed last weekend together in Brussels.  How we love Belgium, it's people and atmosphere! We stayed in an absolutely great bed & breakfast, Aviation 19, great for those who appreciate true vintage with a design edge, hospitality and a view to make your mouth water.
Today we make a start going back to the normal rhythm. Next week Caspar turns back to school and it'll be time for me to really get started on the list of things to do, website, winter collection, designing... All things that I really look forward to! If only we could keep some of the holiday mood...

1 comment:

  1. Dit ziet er goed uit, heerlijk!! Hier begint het gewone leven ook weer over een week, heb nu al heimwee naar het uitslapen en de relaxte vakantiesfeer.... Succes met wennen!